This weekend sees the arrival of Remembrance Sunday across the UK to reflect on the acts of valour of the troops who put their lives Remembrance Sundayon the line for this country in times of need. The sign of the poppy has been a stark yet beautiful reminder of what the servicemen and women of this country have done as part of their duty. It is more important than ever to remember these selfless acts as the generation who fought in the First and Second World Wars are now all but gone. Without an event like Remembrance Sunday the history and stories of this important era could well be lost.

On Sunday in Consett there will be a special Remembrance Sunday service being held at Christ’s Church at 9:45am. Following this there will be a Remembrance Day Parade passing through Parliament Street. After the parade there will be a wreath laid at the Consett war memorial at around 11am. There will also be an unveiling of the new memorial in Shotley Bridge on Sunday. At 2:45pm there will be an unveiling a new memorial close to Memorial Cottages on the A694. Overall, there is a lot going on in the local area to honour the fallen heroes of the British armed forces.

Whatever you have planned this Sunday, take some time to remember the few who sacrificed themselves for everyone else be it at a service or in your own home.

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Chris Brown
Christopher Brown is Consett Magazine's lead journalist. Chris enjoys meeting with a whole host of different people to report on what's happening in Consett, Co.Durham.


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