A Consett charity awareness challenge is taking place in Consett this week, a young woman is trying to live on just £1 a day from the 6th to the 11th of March.

Julia Corcoran, 22, spent four weeks in Sierra Leone  along with three other people as part of the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development’s (CAFOD) gap year programme – ‘Step Into the Gap’ gives young people the chance to spend time in any of the countries that CAFOD currently operates in. This Consett charity awareness challenge aims to raise awareness about the poverty situation in Sierra Leone, in which millions of people are forced to live on as little as £1

Consett Charity Awareness
Julia at a local primary school.

per day.

During her time in Sierra Leone Julia visited a number of places that showcased the severe levels of poverty in the country, including; a university, primary schools, a Catholic hospital, and a HIV clinic. Approximately 65% of people in Sierra Leone live in what is considered ‘extreme poverty’ – Julia hopes to both raise awareness and donate any fundraising contributions, and she’s almost reached her target of £250!

“Despite all the support CAFOD and its partners offer, there are still over one billion people living off £1 a day in the world and that’s why I wanted to do something extra.”

Since Julia got back she’s been working with CAFOD and the Youth Ministry Team in Consett to work with young people and inform them about some of the conditions in Sierra Leone and countries with similar poverty situations and issues that any developing country will face.

To sponsor her, please visit her justgiving page. If you want to hear more about her time in Sierra Leone then you can visit her blog. Young people looking for more information about the CAFOD Gap Year programme can visit this page on the CAFOD website.

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