Mobile Technology 2013 - Mobile Technology in the FutureAs Christmas arrives and the year (not the world) ends, we look at how mobile technology and the mobile industry are developing going into 2013.

The future of mobile technology is undeniably here!

We look at how the mobile world is being embraced by big business and how it’s effects are the driving force behind the most interesting technological developments.

The post-PC era can be seen within the tech news headlines regurgitating that all too familiar “mobile technology” theme. The addictive natural of tablets and mobile phones can also be seen all around us, who doesn’t have one?

Laptop and personal computer sales fell by around 2.6% from 2011 to 2012 while mobile and tablet sales have skyrocketed, this has disrupted the entire ecosystem of consumer technology.

I know the mobile technology rise has been anticipated for some time, but never have all the mobile functions and applications been explored to the extent of what we are about to see in the coming decade. It really is an exciting time to be living in.

From taking a call, to acting as a boarding pass for your flight; the mobile phone is your all-in-one key to 2013 and beyond. The mobile phone has progressed from simply just a humble convenient device providing calls and text communication; to the  most versatile object ever conjured up by mankind.

The mobile device is the Swiss army knife of our generation.

In 2012, funding for consumer internet companies shifted away from consumer websites and began to be poured into the business serving companies. In 2013, more money will be spent on mobile business to business serving companies.

Bring Your Own DeviceWe will also see enterprise embracing “Bring Your Own Device” or BYOD into the working world. By bringing their own devices to work, company employees can have all their corporate data available to them on their own personal iPhone or tablet computer. Mobile security and content in the workplace is coming together when employees start to deal with corporate data on their own devices.  Instant business is coming of age with instant data being used to access important documents and to drive business productivity to a whole new level.

Instant business is being fueled by the popularisation of mobile technology devices such like tablets and smart phones.  High speed mobile internet and the availability of free Wi-Fi has given rise to the mobile office in recent years, but now the data being harvested by colleagues can be truly pulled together for analysis and control of any enterprise.

“Instant business” is being provided in the modern age by companies like Air-watch.

Air-Watch are a mobile company guiding the world of mobile business. They provide smart management solutions which help business users to communicate, collaborate, and streamline just about every facet of business.

Imagine you manage numerous employees all over the world and being able to know what documents, files, and instructions have been read by your employees, where they have been, or even how productive the employee has been today, all instantly?

This is a reality today, Air-watch provide communications for companies which streamline business and give instant control over productivity, communications and security all via mobile technology.

One application of the mobile security being provided by Air-Watch is the ability to wipe phone data remotely should an iPad go missing. You don’t want all your precious company e-mails, clients, and data being available to anyone you do not authorise. All the data can be added  to another device, should the original device be lost somehow.

Whatever happens with mobile technology and mobile business in the year ahead, we can be sure that instant business is here to stay with many companies embracing the big changes in our new mobile internet connected world.

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