How Tech Connects Mankind

How Tech Connects Mankind

On Friday, as terror attacks rocked Paris and sent France into a state of emergency, technology and social media went into solemn disaster response mode.

Big tech companies and the people of social media responded in the most helpful and humane manner.

Facebook allowed it’s users to alert family and friends that they were safe in France’s capital, AirBnB sent out notifications to all hosts in Paris asking if they could open their doors to stranded strangers, Google & Skype both allowed it’s users to call Paris for free, and Twitter helped keep the world informed while the hashtag #PorteOuverte was shared thousands of times helping people to find a safe place to stay in Paris.

The tech companies and their users were able to use their unique position to do good, they connected people, gave comfort to family and friends around the world, and ultimately showed the human race in a unified light; despite the situation. 

In coming weeks, months, even years, technology will continue to play a huge role in the safety of mankind. Against not only terror, but in all disaster situations.

How do you think technology can unite and increase the safety of mankind? Comment below…



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