North East Dogs Get Drunk on Christmas Booze
The dogs lapped up a whole bottle of Advocaat

Two north east pooches have started their Christmas celebrations early. Fiona Robson, from Gateshead, was surprised when she came home to find her two clumber spaniels, Oscar and Martha, sozzled after a session of afternoon drinking.

The pair had got drunk on the egg liquor Advocaat. Fiona’s cocker spaniel, Brecon, had knocked a full bottle of the festive booze off a unit in a utility room. The bottle had broken on the carpet and Oscar and Martha had eagerly lapped the liquid up.

Fiona, who had bought the Advocaat to make snowballs, returned home find Martha staggering about and Oscar looking suspiciously drowsy.

Fiona said, “It’s funny now, but at the time I was panicking!”

“Martha was literally staggering and swaying and fell over when I tried to grab her collar.”

Fiona was at first worried the dogs might have ingested the broken glass. But she soon realised her pets were simply hammered. She said, “They’d drunk the whole bottle.”

Fiona immediately took all three of her dogs to Prince Bishop Veterinary Hospital, in Leadgate, near Consett.

While Brecon was fine, Martha and Oscar had to have vomiting induced. They were then given charcoal to soak up any remaining alcohol. The drunken duo were kept in overnight then released the next day.

Fiona, who runs a pet grooming business, said, “It could have been really serious, but thankfully we’re all fine.”

“I won’t be keeping bottles on top of the unit anymore, and I would advise pet owners to keep everything locked away.”

This is not the first case of festive canine drunkenness Prince Bishop Veterinary Hospital has witnessed. Two Consett Labradors recently broke bottles of red wine and lapped up the contents.

Commenting on Oscar and Martha’s case, vet Emma Hindson said, “This was an unfortunate accident and their owner did the right thing by bringing them in immediately for treatment.”

“Alcohol affects pets in the same way it does humans, so Oscar and Martha were quite tiddly when they arrived.”

“A lot of dogs seem to like the taste so if they drink alcohol, bring them in straight away rather than wait for the side effects.”

North East Dogs Get Drunk on Christmas Booze
Alcohol affects dogs in a similar way to humans

“Drinking too much can cause vomiting; they can become agitated or excitable, depressed, drowsy and disorientated and in extreme cases go into a coma.”

Dogs certainly seem to be fond of Advocaat. In 2014, the Daily Mail reported a case of a German Shephard from London who had to be rushed to the vets and put on a drip after lapping up a whole bottle of the liquid.

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