The Johnny Cash Roadshow, the most famous Johnny Cash Tribute in the world, is arriving on Friday, November 15 in Consett, more exactly at the Empire Theatre on Front Street for an evening that we are ready to bet, perhaps with a genting casino promo code, is going to be a huge success.

This is a tribute show dedicated to Johnny Cash, which received the endorsement from members of the Carter-Cash family. More than just a concert, The Johnny Cash Roadshow at the Empire Theatre is precisely as a true celebration of the “Man in Black”, one of the most eminent and complex figures in the entire history of twentieth-century American popular music.

So we’ll listen to all the greatest songs from Johnny Cash’s long career, which was really endless: among his unsurpassed and historical interpretations we remember Folsom Prison Blues, Cry Cry Cry, I Still Miss Someone, I Walk the Line, Ring Of Fire, If I Were a Carpenter, Ghosts Riders in the Sky just to name a few.

But we will also relive on video and on stage episodes and fundamental characters of an adventurous and rich life (Johnny was born in Arkansas in 1932 and died in 2003), almost a complete metaphor of fall and redemption, triumphs and devastating failures, self-destructive weaknesses and a search for the absolute and salvation.

His sentimental bond with June Carter, one of the voices of the seminal Carter Family, an essential dynasty of musicians at the base of the U.S. folk tradition, is a further fundamental piece of a history that for almost half a century has also marked, like few others, the history of American music.

Country music from Nashville, rock ‘n’ roll and Elvis Presley, the “strange” but very solid friendship with Bob Dylan from the 60s, the rediscovery of Cash in the 90s that became a star again and a new icon even for the new independent rock. In Johnny Cash Roadshow there’s also all this, with singers/actors like Clive John as Cash and Jill Schoonjans as his wife June Carter.

Clive John’s story is also very interesting: he hasn’t known that music and since he was young he has become an established guitarist, singer, composer and even producer. Paul Farrer of Tandem Records produced with him such a successful record, that the record company decided to “expatriate” Clive to the United States of America to help him break through.

Unfortunately, things were not going as the English record companies hoped with all the consequences of this situation. Disappointed, but not resigned, Clive went home to his mother, father and Sarah (his future wife). He produced several records of original material with some success. After watching the film “Walk the line”, dedicated to the figure of Johnny Cash, he was struck by the Country icon and decided to set up the “Johnny Cash Roadshow”. And since then Clive John has led a double life: his productions and the Johnny Cash Show. The problem is that, given the success of the latter, he has too little time left for his productions. But Clive doesn’t break up and says that sometimes there are priorities that can’t and shouldn’t be avoided. There will be time later for personal projects.

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