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What is your name?

Joan Wainwright

What is your business or organisations name?

The Gibside Art Club

How long have you, your business or your family lived in the area?

The Gibside Art Club – more than 50 years

What role does your business or organisation play in the local community?

Provides a social function as well as an opportunity to develop art and painting talents

Do you have a message you would like to communicate with your customers and Consett Magazine readers? (i.e. Covid-19 changes, opening hours, announcements)

We usually meet in the Community Centre on Strathmore Road in Rowlands Gill on Wednesday nights but this is now on hold pending a decision by the government on when and how the lockdown will be eased.

How has your business been affected during the Pandemic? Can you describe your experience?

Most of our members are in the elderly category so are unable to leave their homes. The Community Centre at Rowlands Gill is also shut for the time being. It is possible we may have to cancel our annual exhibition due to take place in the first full weekend in October each year. We’ve also been forced to postpone an exhibition at the Land of Oak and Iron at Winlaton Mill which was to be held in May/June.

How has your business adapted to the social distancing and lockdown measures?

We are challenging our artists to paint to from home by setting them a new theme each week. They take photos of their pictures and we display them on our website. So if you can paint, take a photo of your picture and use ‘whatsapp’ or email, then you would still be welcome to join our club. You can get in touch via the contact page on

Do you have any local hero stories or people that deserve a shout out for their efforts during this time?

All the local businesses that are adapting their services to the new reality as well those working in the NHS, council workers, Civil Servants and others who are all going the extra mile. Not forgetting those people trying to work from home while, at the same time, looking after their schoolchildren.

How can local people support businesses like yours during this difficult time?

We would be happy if people just visited our website from time to time. And if things get back to normal, come and join us when we hold our annual exhibition in October.

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