My green box was out by 7am,

I struggled with the weight,

About 8 o’clock the collectors came,

Which I thought was really great.

Once back inside with empty bins,

I sipped my morning tea,

So full of good intentions –

to be a hive of industry,


I viewed my list of things to make,

And as I began to scroll,

I realised that along with cake,

I’d written profiteroles!

Hopefully searching, for over an hour,

for pure unsalted butter,

vanilla extract, and strong white flour;

All I found – among the clutter –


were two old eggs and a packet of yeast,

I wish I had my Tesco order!

It’ll arrive in three weeks time, at least –

I won’t be classed as a hoarder!

I decided to take the daily walk,

Giving up on my baking day,

An opportunity to have a talk,

With some friends two metres away.


As I meandered round the empty town,

I was delighted to spy and spot

At every house – clear, green and brown

bottles –  sticking out the top,

of all the full recycling bins,

I saw along the way,

My face displayed the widest grin,

So, it wasn’t just mine today!


Lorraine Weightman

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