Following on from the Restoring Our Railways Feasibility Study publication commissioned by Durham County Council and the MP for Durham North & West, Mr Richard Holden, a “Strategic Outline Business Case” has now been submitted to the government for consideration that outlines two possible transport options running down the Derwent Walk to the Tyne.

The Derwent Walk is still very much under threat and the threat is very real indeed for many local residents, despite significant and ever growing opposition!

Group Update for Help Save our Derwent Walk
Save our Derwent Walk

Last year a small group of local residents set up an opposition group on Facebook to oppose any threat to the Derwent Walk and try to protect this valuable peaceful traffic free Heritage Route down the Derwent Valley used by thousands of walkers, cyclist, horse riders, and people with disabilities.

With over 6,600 members, the group is furious that this proposal is still under consideration and they have collected over 25,000 electronic signatures already on a petition to stop this destruction of the Derwent Walk from proceeding.

Group Update for Help Save our Derwent Walk
Save our Derwent Walk

The group have decided that it is now time for action, and on Sunday 20th March, they are encouraging as many people as possible from their many “user groups” and their friends and family to get onto the Derwent Walk to demonstrate how special it is, and how furious they are that there should be any consideration given to take this asset away from our region.

Group founder John Davidson hopes for local people opposed the plans to join his group of walkers and protestors on the 20th March.

Group Update for Help Save our Derwent Walk
Save our Derwent Walk

He said:

“Join us on 20th March at a gathering for photographs between 2.45 and 3pm on the Nine Arches Viaduct near Swalwell. A group of us will be walking from the Rowland’s Gill viaduct in the constituency of Durham North and West at 2pm along to the Nine Aches Viaduct for the finish at 2.45 – 3pm, so…

· Put on your walking shoes

· Saddle your horse

· Put on your bike helmet and cycle

· Walk your dog

· Charge up your mobility scooter

· Put on your running shoes and run with your running buddies

· Get those binoculars out and get Red Kite spotting.

…Join us and make your voice heard!”

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