The Harry Potter series is among the most wildly successful literary projects of all time. It’s made a vast fortune for its creator, Joanne Rowling, and it’s spawned films, video games, and much more besides. 

Even today, decades after Bloomsbury published the first novel, fans of the books still return to them – and the stories have been introduced to a new generation of fans.

For the truly devoted, certain parts of the UK might be viewed as worth visiting. They’ve either featured in the novels themselves, or they’ve provided a filming location for the action.

Filming Locations

Tracking down every location from all eight films requires some serious devotion. But there are a few places that just about everyone can reach.

Platform 9¾ 

In London King’s Cross station, we find the famous Platform 9¾ (or, at least, the wall that is supposed to lead to it). You can pose for a photo, here – just don’t run into the wall too enthusiastically.

Leadenhall Market 

Several of the Diagon Alley scenes were shot in this famous market in the middle of London. The entrance of the Leaky Cauldron, for example, can be found near to Bull’s Head Passage, where it now leads to an optician. 

Christchurch College, Oxford

When location scouts needed a big, grand hallway for the Hogwarts interior scenes, they needed to look no further than the hallway in Christchurch. This isn’t the only Harry Potter location in the city, however. If you want to see all of them, you’ll need to arrange a private tour.

Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

This incredible castle helped to provide many of the exterior shots for the films. If you’re watching Harry, Ron and Hermoine walking from class to class, then the chances are good that you’re looking at the outside of Alnwick.

Gothland Station, York

Of course, there’s more than one railway station in the Harry Potter universe. Students disembark at Hogsmeade village station, which in the real world takes the form of Gothland Station in York

Glenfinnen Viaduct, Inverness

This amazing viaduct was used in the first film, but its most memorable appearance came in the second one, in which Harry and Ron fly their Ford Anglia alongside the famous Hogwarts Express.

The Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios, London

Of course, there’s one place that’s a real must-visit for any Harry Potter fan, and that’s the Warner Bros Studio Tour, just outside of London. You’ll be able to visit a range of amazing places in the Potter world, and, since the lineup of attractions is constantly changing, you’ll always be able to discover something new. Book in advance to avoid disappointment; demand is usually very high.

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