Welcome to the extra special Christmas edition of the Consett Magazine. We have been hard at work over November making this issue bigger and better than ever before.

As you can see things have changed at Consett Magazine as the printed issue is a whole 8 pages bigger than the previous print editions. We have been working to bring you more great stories along with new features from our great contributors.  With Christmas and New Year just around the corner everyone is getting into full swing getting ready for this year’s festivities, but is Christmas changing before our eyes?

Merry Christmas from ConsettChristmas has been celebrated in its current form in Europe since the early to mid 4th Century as a mark of remembrance for the birth of the baby Jesus but nowadays things have changed significantly. Even if some of the religious significance has been lost, Christmas is a time for celebration and kindness which we should all revel in with families and friends across the globe brought together by a day of celebration.

In this festive issue of Consett Magazine we are giving you some great Christmas articles which will hopefully inspire you. We have some recipes for some fantastic baked treats to make over Christmas, how to keep your Christmas tree looking good and a look at how to throw a great seasonal party.

Along with these fantastic Christmas ideas we have an article on how to start your own business, a look at the beautiful history of our town and the increasing presence of big business and franchises in the Consett area. Overall there is something for everyone in this Christmas special of the Consett Magazine.

The team here at Consett Magazine would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you all have a great New Year too.

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