Facebook Jan 15th Event: “Come and See What We’re Building”

Facebook Jan 15th Event: Facebook has invited the media to an event at its headquarters in California on Jan 15th with a simple yet perplexing message: “Come and see what we’re building”

Facebook Jan 15th Event Invite
Facebook invite to media

Tech reporters are responding in typical fashion… speculation on a monolithic level.

After Facebook announced the Jan 15th event rumors are running wild, ranging from launching a smartphone to shutting down forever!

Some of the other prophecies include:

Facebook recently hires Frank Gehry (Architect) to build a new super-office capable of holding a further 9400 employees on top of its already 2000. The 2 new building will be will be built at its current site at Menlo Park in California. This anticipated Facebook 15th Jan event will most likely be a show off of their new offices rumored to have large open spaces with angular walls to make engineers fell less closed in and oppressed.

Facebook builds new HQ
Facebook builds new HQ

While I’m pretty confident that most internet readers will be familiar with Facebook and Skype, not many would have been told about this mysterious Facebook Jan 15th event and even fewer may not be aware that Microsoft’s MSN Messenger service is to come to an end on the same day.

Microsoft recently bought Skype for a whopping £5.2 Billion (in cash) and they’re dropping the once popular MSN Messenger if favor of their acquisition. What all this means for the average Facebook and Skype user, nobody knows, one thing is for certain, the Jan 15th event will be of interest to everyone that uses the social media platform.

We want to know what you think? What would you like to see on Facebook? What will this Facebook Jan 15th event reveal? Are we seeing an improvement to the popular chat feature? Comment below and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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