Electronic Arts are having a horrid time with the release of the long awaited reboot of the SimCity series. With a huge following playing the games since the release of the SimCity game boxoriginal back in 1989 this new title in the series looked to bring the game into the present day with the inclusion of a number of new features dependent on the internet.  Coming up to the games release this week, many people were happy to see that the series has moved with the times giving the game a more social and online experience.

One of the ideas behind making the game online only was that a number of the game’s features could be handled by the EA servers rather than your personal computer. This would reduce the load on your computer meaning that the specification needed to run the game smoothly would be significantly lower than if it was being run on your computer alone. EA don’t have the greatest history when it comes to their online servers with many people experiencing bad match making  and unstable connections whilst playing FIFA.

SimCity’s release has been somewhat tarnished by the massive failure of EA’s server network as many players have been unable to play the game on its release. This server chaos has caused many users wanting refunds after purchasing the game through EA’s Origin service. EA are now saying that no refunds will be given to disgruntled SimCity fans as they are quickly working to fix all of the issues with patch updates to the game. Since its release on the 5th of March the game has received increased criticism from fans and critics alike who were upset due to the continued connection errors. Online marketplace Amazon has now pulled SimCity from its online shelves until any further issues are resolved.

With the connection issues aside, the 2013 SimCity looks like an amazing game with new features to allow newest of city planners to the series veterans to jump straight in and get down to what matters. Building your perfect utopian society and keeping your people happy.

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Chris Brown
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