The month of May has finally rolled in for the year 2013. With it the snowy weather is finally subsiding and Spring is genuinely settled in. Speaking of Spring, the Consett Consett Mag Issue Front CoverMagazine team here at Firefly New Media has been doing a little cleaning throughout the magazine. We’ve been working hard to place our varied content into proper sections for easier reading and navigation between pages. In general, the whole magazine has had a visual overhaul, including this page (which is my favourite, surprisingly enough). The new sections are divided up into the following distinct categories: news, lifestyle, business, science and technology, entertainment and sports. The broad range of stories should cater to every reader in some way. This is something we continuously work towards with each new edition.

I can genuinely say that this is our best edition yet! We start with the once-only opportunity we had to become a part of Consett’s history in the Consett Academy time capsule; some magazines of ours are in there amongst many other memorable items from contributors. Throughout the sections there are stories on gardening, eating out, local myths and legends, business edeavours, scientific breakthroughs, musical delights, local sports news and much more.

In addition, I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed and given feedback this month, both online and offline. The emails, comments and letters we get here at the Firefly New Media offices are ever increasing in volume. The views of our readers are quite varied and help to shed some light on what people want to read about, with some readers even opting to take on the role of journalist to help us out!

I hope everyone enjoys reading issue 10 of Consett Magazine!


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