Nasa have announced plans for new rocket to deliver large payloads into space which is set for it’s first launch in 2017. The SLS or SLS RocketSpace Launch System is already under construction and could well be the largest rocket to ever to be spent into space. At 117 metres tall and 2948 metric tonnes in weight, this behemoth was designed to act as transportation for over 130 metric tonnes of up into space. This could prove vital for efforts to explore deeper into the unknown.

The SLS is will be developed with some grand ideas in mind as over time the rocket will be changed extensively to cover a number of roles which may even include manned missions to nearby asteroids or even Mars. Since the retirement of the Space Shuttle in 2013, there is currently no way for NASA to launch manned craft into the Earth’s orbit. The SLS will be the vehicle which will take NASA back to space in glorious style.

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