Coronavirus, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2: these are common names for what scientists are calling the Cosmopolitan Coof Lurgi of 2020. Is Coronavirus in Consett? Who can say, but we have to write articles with those words in them so we get more of your sweet clickety-clicks.

Coronavirus in Consett

Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus In Consett

Doing your bit to prevent an epidemic is roughly the same as living under a military dictatorship with strict curfew laws, social control, and thorough hand washing, so you get a two for one experience, plus really clean hands:

  • You have to stay at home as much as possible, and don’t show affection when you greet people with hugs, kisses or handshakes.
  • Social gatherings, trips to pubs, museums, and cinemas, and attending church are all cancelled forever.
  • Don’t travel anywhere if you can help it, and only communicate with people via the internet, so that the government and NSA can see what you’re up to.

Coronavirus in Consett


Wearing a mask over your mouth does more to protect other people from you than it does to keep you safe from them. To be safe outside (henceforth known as “the dead zone”), you need to cover your eyes too (goggles or full face masks are best, but glasses are better than nothing) and your hands, especially if you have any cuts, grazes, etc.

For convenience, it’s good to have disinfectant in three forms: a spray, a hand gel, and as wet wipes. When you are in the dead zone, disinfect things around you like table tops with the spray, and if you aren’t wearing gloves, either use a disinfectant wipe to touch things like elevator buttons, doorknobs and hand-rails, or else use the hand gel immediately afterwards.

Coronavirus is not your average flu, authorities allege. It is significantly more infectious than flu, around 20 times more deadly (meaning that it kills twenty times more infected people than flu, not that you will be twenty times more dead), and about one in five infected people could need emergency hospital treatment to survive.

More Information

As usual, the Simpsons are on hand to predict the future and make you question your sanity:

You can rely on me to scour the internet for at least five minutes and post some links here that I think are going to brighten your day.

Disaster planning for less crazy folk: A comprehensive list of catastrophes and precautions you can take to feel better about them.

Why do we have pandemics?: The truth may not be politically correct, but which of those is more important?

Coronavirus the movie: Back in 2011, a film called Contagion was made about a global pandemic. Was it just innocent entertainment?

Is Coronavirus in Consett?
Dr Bane was right again.

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