We always get asked ” How to Run Your Business From Your Smartphone ” – Here are 4 tips we always advise our clients to do.

1. Use a separate work device to do business. On a work phone, you’d probably not want to download that new “Candy Crush” or “Angry Birds” — It’s not only a distraction but games can come with nasty software hidden inside that’ll put any work-related data at risk.

2. Use cross-platform applications that work on both mobile and desktop devices. Google’s G Suite, Slack, and Microsoft Office all work incredibly well across devices when synced with the cloud. You can start working on a word processing document on one device and finish it on another. And with Google Docs – it’s free, so there’s no excuse for you to start using the cloud for your workflow.

3. Utilize voice technology (think Siri or Google Voice Assistant) Whether you have Apple’s Siri or Google’s voice assistant, you should learn to use it to accomplish small tasks. I personally use Apple’s Siri to set small reminders, calendar entries, task lists, and to answer simple emails.

4. Manage and update your website. You can now manage and update your website content, process orders, and run your entire business from the other side of the world with just an iPhone.

How to Run Your Business From Your Smartphone

“More and more of our clients want the simplicity of being able to publish new content, add products, and manage their website all from their phone. Managing a website via a smartphone has been achievable for many years, but it’s only recently I have seen more people going mobile-only when running their entire company. The technology has become far more accessible and user-friendly.” – Barry, Firefly New Media UK

If you’d like to know more about how you can run your business from your smartphone, just hit the button below and get in touch with us.

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