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Brains in the Rain – Ollie and Nina

Brains in the Rain - Ollie and Nina It’s not that Ollie is stupid, it’s just that Nina is smarter. Ollie is all heart, spontaneous and doesn’t...

Cesar & Jeremy who? – Ollie and Nina

The dog-training lady from the farm in Wark was like Cesar Millan and Jeremy Kyle rolled into one, she took no nonsense from man...

Ollie and Nina – The Pong – By Neil Sullivan

“Smells don’t sniff themselves Nina. They depend upon a dog with a nose that knows what it’s doing. Let’s get to it!” Ollie d Collie

Ollie and Nina – Pooh Bags – By Neil Sullivan

If you spell the word dog backwards you get the word God.   That’s pretty much how it is with Ollie and Nina, they are a...

Ollie & Nina – Fashion – Neil Sullivan

Have you ever seen a dog do a double take? Well that’s exactly what Ollie did the day we spotted a dandy little doggie...

Ollie and Nina – Poet Pets

I over heard Ollie and Nina chatting the other day as they were resting in their doggie beds. Nina asked Ollie what breed of...

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