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According to iLounge and 9to5Mac, Apple could be tunning its Apple TV set-top box into a gamin console. However it is hardly a new idea, as it has been streaming through technews for the past year.

Apple TV
Apple TV

The ‘new’ console is said to be relesed in March, but it could be earlier. The set top device is said to be a completly revamped operating system based on IOS.

Apple has never really been much of a gaming company, it was mostly just downloads from App Store or iTunes, but this could be a change for them and it’s looking to look big for the tech company.

Developers are currently working on bluetooth controller options, these Apple controllers will connect straight to the Apple TV itself. Games can be downloaded directly to the Apple TV instead of relying on othe IOS devices such as iPhone or iPads.

iLounge is interested to see if adding more games to support Apple TV will change the quality of games developed. Although if developers know that their games will more likely to be played on a big screen, they might be more likely to invest more graphics and gamesplay features to them.

As well as this, Apple TV will get its own App Store, then people may be able to see specific titles that were built around the big screen. The App Store will allow users to download games on to their Apple TV straight away.

A lot of App TV’s details are still unknown, including how games will be locally stored on the TV, but iCloud is looking to be the main storage facility so far. Cupertino HQ wants Apple TV to be front and centre in home entertainment lineup.

So Apple TV is going to be a big thing in 2014, make sure you’re apart of it.

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