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Bitcoin - Price May 2019

It’s Good News for Bitcoin, Again! And How To Buy Bitcoin

It’s a subject Consett Magazine has covered in several other articles in the past, but now more than ever I think it’s important we...
bitcoin accepted here

Why Bitcoin Continues to Defy the Experts

"The Sorcerer: Dawn of a New Age" (CC BY 2.0) by Keoni Cabral Back in 2014, Durham University's professor of finance, Kevin Dowd, outlined his thoughts on why...
Stock Exchange

Investing in Bitcoin – Things to Know

  "New York - Wall St" (CC BY 2.0) by PeterJBellis It’s probably fair to say that many people who heard the news that Bitcoin had out-valued gold earlier...
Digital Currency Set To Change International Finance?

Bitcoin Price Exceeds $1000 – Could Bitcoin Change World Finance?

Bitcoin price exceeds $1000.00 for the first time ever, but it could climb even higher in coming months! We have covered the story behind the...
Bitcoin Price Predictions

Bitcoin Price Reaches £200+ Today!

Bitcoin price reaches £200.00+ today with many new buyers coming around to the idea of a digital currency.  Perhaps the bitcoin currency has risen so...
mega and the bitcoin

Mega and the Bitcoin

Mega is the new venture from internet entrepreneur and outlaw famous for his previous website megaupload.com. During January of 2012 Kit Dotcom was hunted...

CBDCs: The End of Physical Currency or the Dawn of Extreme Financial Control?

Is this the beginning of Britcoin? At the end of 2022 the Bank of England posted on the UK Government's Digital Marketplace seeking a developer...

The Origins of Place Names Around Consett

English place names typically have their roots in Old English, Anglian, or Gaelic descriptions of the area itself, or an ancient lord's name, or...
let me be your ruler

Blockchain is FinTech’s Future

Blockchain is FinTech’s Future "let me be your ruler" (CC BY 2.0) by frankieleon If you only take one thing away from 2016, let it be the fact that...

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